Fashion and functionality!


Family Eyecare Opticians

Whether you treat your glasses as a fashion accessory or as a functional necessity, then Family Eye Care have something to suit you and your budget.

Our experienced staff are on hand to help you make decisions about your frames and to advice you on lenses to ensure that your new glasses not only look and feel great, but give you the best possible vision as well.


We carry a wide range of high fashion and designer frames, plus budget frames and a great range of children’s designs.

Add to these our extensive range of lenses, including thin and light, bifocals and varifocal’s, and you have the perfect pair of spectacles just for you.

Our service doesn’t stop when you have bought your glasses, we know that sometimes your glasses need adjusting or sometimes repairing. We are always happy to adjust your glasses or tighten up those screws. Just call in.

And of course don’t forget to check out our range of accessories, including cleaning fluids and cloths plus cases and chains.

Hypoallergenic Materials and Allergic Reactions

Many people find that they suffer varying degrees of allergic reaction to their spectacle frames. Often this is caused by the nickel element in the frame materials. As an alternative please ask about our ranges of titanium and Flexon frames, which as well as being hypoallergenic, (cause less allergic reactions), they are extremely lightweight, strong, and flexible. They are also corrosion resistant, which makes them an excellent choice for people with high skin acidity. If you find your spectacles discolour, or coatings peel off, then you may have high skin acidity.

Spectacle Lenses

We pride ourselves on always providing the latest lens technology to our patients, and that is why we are Zeiss Specialists. Zeiss are developers and manufacturers of some of the best lenses in a wide variety of materials, and some of the worlds most advanced lens coatings.

Single Vision Lenses

Remember when you could have glass lenses that were so heavy they hurt, or plastic lenses that were so thick the stuck out from your frames? Well today things are little bit different. We can supply lenses in a wide range of different materials that are lighter, thinner and flatter, so that not only do they look good and feel comfortable, but they give you brilliant vision as well. Please ask about high index, or thin and light lenses.


Family Eye Care are pleased to be recognised as Zeiss specialists and as such we stock a wide range of bifocals and varifocal’s, including some which can be tailored to your personal requirements which ensure that they are perfect for your lifestyle. Also available in thin and light formats.


All of our lenses can be coated with hard coats to make them more scratch resistant, anti reflection coatings, to cut down the reflections and rings seen in your lenses and to allow more light to reach your eye and enable better vision. Also hydrophobic coatings to help keep your lenses clean.